Head First iPhone Development

Last night i’ve found very nice book, it’s already in e-book pdf format, yet another Head First ebook. The book was Head first Iphone Development, written in 552 pages thick. I started reading Head First series book when entering third grade on my college, the subject was Object Oriented Analysis and Design, and Head First Design Patterns is always be the best book to understand Design Pattern in Object Oriented Concept.

Like another Head First series books, this book keep the simplicity and focus to what will you learn about specific concepts. The notion is always straight, step-by-step approach, seems it doesn’t try to teach everything, it just launches you right into building iPhone Applications, in a conversational and friendly way. It also clearly crafted to get you easily creating, using and learning iPhone technologies, without needing a lot of background with Mac developing tools, even for those who don’t have previous development experience.

Containing 9 chapters from getting started, to how to manipulate map, camera and other object location, full with the objective-c listing in every chapter. Even it shows you to publishing your application to Apple App-Store and becoming Apple Developer. Well, it’s totally different with another programming book, it’s full with pictures, diagrams, strong emphasize on every important part, well in my opinion it balances both of your side brain aspects in learning iPhone Development 🙂

Absolutely, to develop your first iPhone, you will need an Intel-based Mac and Xcodem also iPhone SDK for sure. Indeed, for those who still using Windows or Linux, alternatively tou can try booting Snow-Leopard in your ordinary i386 PC/Laptop at your own risk, with soo much hassle, haha :D. Or just, try using virtualization in non-MacOS Operating System and just boot the Snow Leopard 😛

Well, i have an little experience developing mobile application in the past, it has been two years and a half, so maybe this is the good time for recall my snippet in mobile development and to utilize my idle time in my tedious day 😛 , am i remember enough to code again? 😀

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