Head First iPhone Development

Last night i’ve found very nice book, it’s already in e-book pdf format, yet another Head First ebook. The book was Head first Iphone Development, written in 552 pages thick. I started reading Head First series book when entering third grade on my college, the subject was Object Oriented Analysis and Design, and Head First Design Patterns is always be the best book to understand Design Pattern in Object Oriented Concept.

Like another Head First series books, this book keep the simplicity and focus to what will you learn about specific concepts. The notion is always straight, step-by-step approach, seems it doesn’t try to teach everything, it just launches you right into building iPhone Applications, in a conversational and friendly way. It also clearly crafted to get you easily creating, using and learning iPhone technologies, without needing a lot of background with Mac developing tools, even for those who don’t have previous development experience.

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows [E-books]

Ada yang udah baca Harry Potter buku ke 7 ?, hmm… bahkan mas apaan telah melakukan spoiling..

Di launching 21 Juli, 22 Juli di ketik ulang.. 23 dikasih link.. 24 Juli dapet e-booknya.. 🙂 , ebooknya ada di sini, adult version kek nya. Ukuran Filenya cuma 1.23 mb, isinya 36 bab beneran, jadi 410 halaman pdf.

selamat membaca!! 😉

Tips : Lebih nyaman donlot dari filesharing yang ada di bawah kanan halaman ini…

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